Strip drains, also known as linear drains or grate drains are a popular choice for builders and home owners for bathroom renovations and upgrades.

Apart from the stylish minimalist aesthetic, there are some great practical benefits of installing a linear drain:

  • A linear drain only requires a single slope in the floor to effectively drain water, as opposed to the dish shape needed for a round waste drains.

  • A linear drain can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, no need to centrally locate

  • More options for plumbing and waterproofing linear drains.

  • Linear drains are a great choice to fit larger tile sizes as they can be custom cut to fit the exact length of your tiled area.

  • Linear drain installation can be simpler and less time consuming, saving you money.

Linear drains come in a range of widths and customisable sizes, including

Stainless steel grate strip drains - the classic stainless steel look, great (pun intended) for swimming pools, balconies and shower areas.

Tile insert drains - the sleek option to install a strip of matching tile over the drain, concealing the drain for a seamless finish.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a strip drain can enhance your bathroom or wet area project, give owner, Lindsay, a call today on 0421 436 360 to discuss your custom strip drain needs, or order your strip drains and tile insert drains online now.